Escrow Frizen


Latest News is open. Deposit only small amounts from 10.0000 to 100.0000 PASC.

Please read the "How to" before you try to use the escrow service.

PascalCoin Escrow Smart Contract

There are three parties in this Escrow Contract: Two Traders and the Escrow.

The Traders enter into this contract by using the service.

The Traders appoint the Escrow to hold funds in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Escrow will hold funds send to its account for at least the time it takes the Miners to find 288 new blocks (around 24 hours) to ensure that both parties fulfil their part of the agreement before the release.
  • Unless a written order has been received from the Traders by the Escrow no releases shall be made.
  • After 288 new blocks the funds can be returned by a "return" order unless the counterpart already has send a "lock" order.
  • If any disagreement shall arise, the Traders agree the Escrow shall not be held liable for any costs, damages, or losses that may arise from the disagreement.
  • Any and all costs to the Escrow from such disagreement shall be the responsibility of the Traders.
  • All funds received with regard to this escrow contract shall be deposited into one of the Escrow's accounts.
  • Any fees due to the Escrow may be deducted from the funds held in escrow.


The Escrow shall not be held liable:

  • For any omission or error by a party other than the Escrow.
  • Any loss of funds related to the use of crypto currency.
  • Any legal proceedings between the Traders.


The ordinary fee is 1% for holding, forwarding or returning funds. The fee is deducted from the funds held in escrow.

An extra fee of 10 PASC is deducted if errors are made by traders that needs to be solved manually

An extraordinary fee of 5% and at least 10 Pasc is deducted when funds are locked or frozen because of disagreements.


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