Escrow Frizen


Latest News is open. Deposit only small amounts from 10.0000 to 100.0000 PASC.

Please read the "How to" before you try to use the escrow service.

Welcome to PascalCoin Escrow Service

Buy or sell altcoins online using PascalCoin Escrow

With our escrow traders can buy and sell altcoins safely without the risk of chargebacks or fraud.

  • 1. Traders, who both have PascalCoin Accounts, agree to trade PASC against some other coins.
  • 2.The party who is paying in PascalCoin sends the payment to PascalCoin Escrow account ???.
  • 3. The counterparty transfers the altcoins.
  • 4. The funds in the escrow are released by the party who made the deposit.
  • 5. If something goes wrong - the funds can be locked and will not be released until both parties have agreed.

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Escrow Smart Contract

  • The Escrow will hold funds send to its account for at least the time it takes the Miners to find 288 new blocks (around 24 hours) to ensure that both parties fulfil their part of the agreement before the release.
  • Unless a written order has been received from the Traders by the Escrow no releases shall be made.
  • After 288 new blocks the funds can be returned by a "return" order unless the counterpart already has send a "lock" order.

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The ordinary fee is 1% for holding, forwarding or returning funds. The fee is deducted from the funds held in escrow.

An extra fee of 10 PASC is deducted if errors are made by traders that needs to be solved manually

An extraordinary fee of 5% and at least 10 Pasc is deducted when funds are locked or frozen because of disagreements.